Every machine user and maintainer will experience a burst or leaking oil line, so have a call for a professional service person to drive to the job site, press a new one on site next to the excavator and put the new one right on, and you’ll have a quick fix! This does work! But it’s expensive!

If you don’t know about hydraulic hose fittings then you don’t know which one to choose. So the only option is an expensive on site service!

This article will share with you some knowledge of hose fittings that will hopefully save you some money in the future.

It is well known that threaded joints generally require internal and external threads to be used together.

If two threaded joints are to be screwed together for the purpose of connection, the thread types must match and the sealing surfaces must match.

First of all, let’s get to know the BSP connectors, which are basically the standard for all the accessories (various devices) such as breakers.The B in BSP is British, which is the British Standard.

When we say BSP fitting, it defines the threads and sealing surfaces.
Once the BSP thread size has been determined, it defines the thread diameter size, and the thread pitch.

With BSP, the sealing surface is an external taper. The taper angle of the BSP is 60 degrees.

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