Weld Sockets:

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Piping connections of the weld socket type are advisable when the service conditions of any system and or environmental conditions are adverse.

For example:

– Heavy intermittent vibration stresses

– Strong water hammering

– Extreme temperatures, wide temperature variations

– Systems where installation time is expensive

Welding sockets are easily compatible with couplings of the cutting ring type, remove the ring and fit the welding socket instead.


Directions for assembly:


1. Cut the tube square and remove burrs inside and out.

2. Remove the O-Ring from the weld socket if provided and slide the nut onto the welding socket.

3. Weld socket and tube together, clean the weld seam.

4. Oil both coupling body and nut. Install the O-Ring in the groove provided in the socket. Insert the socket into the coupling body and tighten the nut by hand. NOTE: BE CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE THE SEAL.

5. Apply the final tightening pressure with a wrench.