Directions for assembly with a reinforcing ring

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The thickness of a tube wall depends upon:

1. The pressure of the conveyed fluid.

2. External mechanical stresses.

3. The type of coupling.

In some low pressure applications, a thin wall tubing can be used. However, thin wall tubing lacks the necessary resistance to collapsing when the cutting ring is being crimped on. For this reason it is recommended to use a reinforcing ring. They are fully compatible with the tubing being used in both material and size. Their configuration is designed to allow easy installation by lightly tapping the grooved end with a hammer. The end which is grooved prevents the rotating, sliding or detaching of the ring from the tube. For copper tubing a brass ring is recommended where as with steel tubing a steel ring is needed.

When ordering reinforcing rings please specify:

1. The tube O.D. and wall thickness.

2. Material of the tubing.

3. Type of fluid being conveyed.


AX Reinforcing lining for thin walled

2. Cut the pipe square, remove all internal and external burrs.

3. Insert the lining into the pipe up to the grooved edge.

4. Using hammer, tap the grooved section into the pipe.

5. When in final position the lining is flush with the pipe edge.

6. Fit the ring on the pipe provided with its lining. There is no pipe distortion.