With growing opportunities to grab major construction projects around the world, fluid-power customers are relying on equipment manufacturers to build machines that perform reliably in any environment without needing for frequent maintenance. Meeting these expectations can be challenging and requires components that can handle extreme temperatures, wet and dry conditions, and constant heavy-duty operations, and that includes seals and gaskets.

To design and manufacture the durable and gaskets that keep hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors and valves operating smoothly, suppliers must stay ahead of their customers’ requirements. One method of doing this involves analyzing industry trends and their role in developing new fluid-power materials, designs and products. Here are six industry trends that will influence the research and development activities pursued by fluid-power suppliers.

Customization Within Standardization

Standardization is a universal industrial trend that has driven realignment in many industries. The automotive industry, for example, successfully established a standard platform vehicle strategy several decades ago. Mirroring a similar mindset, many of today’s fluid-power cylinder manufacturers no longer offer different cylinders for different applications. Instead, they provide standard cylinders with broader performance capabilities. The benefits of this approach include lower development and SCM costs and faster responses to the market.

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