Part Number Description Image
BBSK100 BSPP Bonded Seal Kit (1/8″-2″)
BBSK102 BSPP Bonded Seal Kit (1/4″-1 1/2″) BBSK102
BIDK1 Swivel Cap and Plug Kit (1/8″-1″)
BMSK100 Metric Bonded Seal Kit (8-52mm)
BOMJK100 Metric/BSPP Banjo x JIC Adapter Kit with Single and Double Bolts & Copper Seals 8MM-18MM & 1/8 BSPP
BORW100 BSPP Retaining Ring and Oring Kit (1/8″- 1 1/2″) ORBPK100
BSK100 Metric & BSPP Bonded Seal Kit Full Range (6mm-52mm Metric, 1/8″-2″ BSPP)
BSK101 Limited Range Metric & British Bonded seal kit (8mm-22mm Metric, 1/8″ -1″ BSPP)
BTK-0025-TP 1/4″ BSPP Tap Kit
BTK-0037-TP 3/8″ BSPP Tap Kit
CSK100 Copper & Bonded Seal Kit Limited Range (4mm- 33mm Metric, 1/8″- 1″ BSPP)
CSK101 Copper Seal Kit (4mm-65mm)
DKORK100 DKO O-Ring Replacement Kit (6mm- 42mm)
EDSK100 Form E Buna Replacement Seal Kit Metric( 8×1.0- 22×1.5) & BSPP (1/8″- 1 1/2″)
EDSK100V Viton Seal Kit Metric(8x 1.0- 22x 1.5) & BSPP (1/8″- 1 1/2″)
EDSK101V Viton Seal for 1/4 BSPP & 14×1.5 Threads – 1 BSPP & 33×2.0 Threads
HBBOK100 Banjo Hose Barb Kit with Copper Seals and Single and Double Banjo Bolts (10mm- 18mm)
ISORK100 ISO 6149 O-Ring Buna Replacement Kit (Sizes: 8x 1.0 – 60x 2.0)
JICCPK100 JIC Cap and Plug Kit (-4″ thru-16″) JICCPK100
JISCPK100 JIS Swivel Cap & Plug Kit (-4″thru -16″)
JISORK100 JIS B2351 O-Ring Buna Replacement Kit (1/8″- 1″)
KCPK101 Komatsu Plug & Swivel Cap Kit (14×1.5- 33×1.5)
MORK102 Metric O-Ring Kit (3mm-44mm ID)
MSIK1 Universal Thread Identification Kit (Metric and BSPP)
OFSCPK100 Oring Face Seal Cap and Plug Kit (1/4″-1″) OFSCPK100
ORBHHK100 Oring Boss Hex Plug Kit (1/4″- 1″) ORBHHK100
ORBPK100 Oring Boss Plug Kit (1/4″- 1″) ORBPK100
PLBBK818 8mm – 18mm Banjo x 1/4” Hose Push-On Hose End
PTCK100 Push to Connect Unions, Elbows and Tees 4mm-12mm
PTCK101 Straight & 90 Degree Union Tee Kit
TIDK1 DIN Tube Fitting ID Kit (L & S 6-18mm)