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Malone Specialty Inc. offers a Carbon Steel Metric Bulkhead Weld Union as well as 316 Stainless Steel Metric Bulkhead Weld Unions, in all metric series and sizes. Our Metric Bulkhead Weld Unions comply with the DIN 3859-1 specifications. These Metric Bulkhead Weld Unions come complete with a Metric Tube Nut and Metric Tube Sleeve for each side, and uses a bite type connection style. For more information see below, or contact one of our experienced salesmen at (440) 255-4200.

Part Number Series Tube O.D. mm Action
20W06L L 6 Add Quote 1
20W06S S 6 Add Quote 11
20W08L L 8 Add Quote 2
20W08S S 8 Add Quote 12
20W10L L 10 Add Quote 3
20W10S S 10 Add Quote 13
20W12L L 12 Add Quote 4
20W12S S 12 Add Quote 14
20W14S S 14 Add Quote 15
20W15L L 15 Add Quote 5
20W16S S 16 Add Quote 16
20W18L L 18 Add Quote 6
20W20S S 20 Add Quote 17
20W22L L 22 Add Quote 7
20W25S S 25 Add Quote 18
20W28L L 28 Add Quote 8
20W30S S 30 Add Quote 19
20W35L L 35 Add Quote 9
20W38S S 38 Add Quote 20
20W42L L 42 Add Quote 10

1. Parts are supplied complete with nuts and sleeves. For body only add a -1 to the end of part number

2. Tube Fittings are Plated Carbon Steel

3. Stainless Steel Tube Fittings are available upon request