Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s (NNSY) Sheet Metal Shop (Shop 17) just took a huge leap into modernization with the introduction of a brand new hydraulic punching machine to its arsenal.

Part of the NNSY Structural Group (Code 920), Shop 17 specializes in working metals for the shipyard and the Navy. Being continuous hard labor each day, it’s important that the tools these employees use provide safe and efficient avenues to get the job done.

“We have our AMADA Laser Cutting and Turret Punch Machine that handles close to 80 percent of the work in this shop,” said Doug Hamilton, Shop 17 Supervisor. “It handles laser cutting, punching, etc. However, with being such a heavily utilized machine, we wanted to find a new piece of equipment that would help take the burden off of it. So we sought out something that fit our needs, something that could take the brunt of the punching jobs that’s easy-to-use and will help my team do their day-to-day efficiently and safely.”

Joining their arsenal of machines is the LVD Strippit P-1225, a cost-effective computer numerical control (CNC) hydraulic ram. The machine is a punch press, providing consistent and accurate punching holes of different sizes into various types of metal depending on what the job entails. The user inputs the dimensions into the computer and what used to take a lot of time by simple drills or punches in the shop now can be completed in less than an hour.

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