NEW Holland released a new BigBaler 1290 High Density large square baler at its national dealer conference in New South Wales recently.

The company claims the new model provides up to 22 per cent higher density than conventional large square balers and increased productivity and comfort with a unique SmartShift gearbox.

It also incorporates a 29 knife CropCutter system and a LoopMaster knotting technology that eliminates twine offcuts and increases tensile strength.

According to New Holland brand president Carlo Lambro, the new model also has an industry-first hydraulic axle concept with large tandem wheels.

“This latest model, built at our Centre of Harvesting Excellence in Zedelgem, Belgium, is the culmination of more than 30 years of baling excellence,” Mr Lambro said.

According to WA New Holland dealer Barry Coote, Brookton, the 1290 is equipped with several new features that the hay market will demand in the future.

“I think this baler will dominate the high density baler market because it has been extensively tested in Australian conditions,” Mr Coote said.

A new MaxiSweep pick-up helps to feed crops at higher rates, resulting in increased capacity and performance.

The company said the new gearbox delivered a soft start-up, resulting in greater comfort for the operator and overload protection for the tractor’s driveline.

The driveline concept, a silver medal winner at last year’s Agritechnica Show in Germany, features a two-speed powershift start-up technology that delivers a smooth baler engagement with a 79pc increase in torque.

The operator engages the baler at a tractor PTO speed of 850 rpm, the SmartShift gearbox automatically shifts from first to second gear, accelerating to a maximum flywheel speed of 1440 rpm at full tractor PTO speed – one of the highest flywheel speeds in the segment.

This smooth start-up process protects the tractor and baler drivelines.

The flywheel is significantly heavier than on BigBaler Plus models and is 16pc bigger in diameter, coming in at 1080 millimetres.

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