Terex Utilities has unveiled its latest innovation in the realm of power substation maintenance, introducing the pre-production Terex Z-60 substation utility boom (SUB) at the 2023 Utility Expo. This 60 ft. class insulated mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) is designed to address the evolving needs of the industry, providing enhanced capabilities for substation work and related applications.

Robert Hasegawa, Product Manager at Terex Utilities, shared insights into the development of the Z-60 SUB, highlighting its roots in the Genie Z-60 FE and its role as an expansion of the SUB product line. Building on the success of the Z-45 SUB introduced in 2021, Terex Utilities responded to customer feedback, recognizing the demand for taller MEWPs and hybrid options in substation operations.

The Z-60 SUB is strategically designed for scenarios where an insulated device is essential, and the flexibility of an articulating z-boom outperforms traditional bucket trucks. Applications include confined spaces where a truck’s footprint is impractical, as well as situations demanding higher boom articulation. The dielectric features of the Z-60 SUB effectively isolate the boom tip from the chassis ground, minimizing the need for boom tip bonding.

Key features of the Z-60 SUB include a fiberglass fly jib section, a fiberglass platform with a swing gate, and compliance with ANSI/SAIA standards for insulation. With an insulating rating of 20 kV, the platform’s capacity reaches 500 lbs., accommodating a 2-person occupancy. Optional enhancements such as cutouts for increased visibility and water egress are also available.

Terex Utilities aims to elevate power substation maintenance with the Z-60 SUB, offering a versatile and insulated MEWP solution to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

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