In the insightful article “How to Control Contamination From Hydraulic Hoses” from Machinery Lubrication, the prevalent issue of hose replacement in hydraulic machines is addressed. The hydraulic hose fabrication industry, marked by fierce competition, demands meticulous attention to sourcing, manufacturing, cleaning, and storage processes.

A key player in this field, we acknowledge the challenges in hose fabrication, especially during the cutting process. This stage introduces contamination in the form of metal particles and polymer dust. To address this issue, cutting-edge techniques are employed, including the use of wet cutting blades, blowing clean air, and employing vacuum extraction devices during the hose cutting process.

Our focus extends to the efficient removal of cutting residue and other contaminants before hose installation. We champion the use of foam cleaning projectiles propelled by compressed air, achieving cleanliness levels as high as ISO 4406 13/10. Our emphasis is on choosing the correct projectile diameter, considering wet or dry use, and determining the number of shots for optimal cleanliness.

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