In the informative article “Avoid Common Mistakes That Drag Down Hydraulic Performance” from ForConstructionPros, the vital role of hydraulics in construction equipment is underscored. Hydraulic systems are indispensable for reliable equipment operation, but their performance hinges on proper lubrication and the choice of hydraulic fluids.

Not all hydraulic oils are equal, and the selection process can have a profound impact on equipment reliability and performance. A premium hydraulic oil stands out as a key contributor to improved efficiency gains of up to 7.5%, enhanced productivity by up to 10.4%, and electrical energy savings as high as 4.2% when compared to conventional fluids.

With modern machines designed to operate at higher levels, the demands on hydraulic oils are escalating. The requirement for peak performance under elevated system pressures, in systems with smaller oil reservoirs and tighter component clearances, is non-negotiable. The significance of a fine balance of additive chemistry, base oil, and fluid cleanliness in a premium hydraulic oil. This balance guarantees superior fluidity in low temperatures, exceptional corrosion and oxidation protection, precise viscosity control, and cleanliness that meets OEM specifications, resulting in top-tier performance.

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