As reported by Construction Equipment Guide in their article “Better Living Through Cleanliness — Healthy Hydraulics Systems Key to Life of Heavy Equipment,” reliable hydraulic system performance is crucial for the productivity and profitability of heavy equipment used in various industries.

According to Ivan Lavy, owner of Lavy Enterprises, maintaining cleanliness around hydraulics is a recurring issue in the industry. Properly maintained and clean hydraulic fluid is essential for keeping components operational for extended periods, potentially for the entire lifespan of the machine.

At IFPE 2020, Paul Michael, Manager of Tribology Research at the Milwaukee School of Engineering, will address the importance of hydraulic fluid properties, efficiency, and contamination control. He will discuss the sources of contamination in hydraulic systems and highlight advanced technologies and fluids such as synthetic fluids, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, and biodegradable fluids.

Michael’s presentation will cover the fundamentals of hydraulic fluids, their composition, and how to validate their performance through standard testing. Additionally, he will delve into contamination control methods, including assessing contamination levels and identifying root causes of machine problems through case studies.

Furthermore, Michael will explore advanced technologies like multi-grade hydraulic fluids and surface-active chemistries, which can enhance the efficiency of hydraulic motors and reduce leakage flows, ultimately optimizing energy usage and equipment productivity.

Advocating for proper maintenance and cleanliness in hydraulic systems, the significance of extending the lifespan and maximizing the performance of heavy equipment is recognized.

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