Construction Equipment Guide’s feature, ‘Better Living Through Cleanliness: Healthy Hydraulic Systems Key to the Life of Heavy Equipment,’ highlights the pivotal role of hydraulic system maintenance in the longevity and efficiency of heavy machinery. It concurs with industry experts like Ivan Lavy, emphasizing that cleanliness in hydraulics is often the linchpin of machinery reliability. Lavy, a specialist in equipment repair and maintenance, asserts that contamination is the primary cause of hydraulic system failure.

Paul Michael, scheduled to speak at IFPE 2020, will delve into the intricacies of hydraulic fluid properties and contamination control. He understands that the three contamination sources—built-in, external, and internal—are critical to monitor for extending both equipment and fluid life. Michael’s upcoming presentation will cover not only the fundamentals and advancements in hydraulic fluids but also practical contamination assessment methods, including particle count analysis and case studies on hydraulic oil filter debris. This knowledge is fundamental to diagnosing and preventing equipment issues.

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