In an effort to enhance the efficiency of heavy commercial vehicles, we collaborate on redesigning hydraulic systems to address the prevalent issue of energy wastage during lifting, carrying, and digging operations.

The DDisplace project, supported by a £10.9m grant from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), aims to modernize hydraulic equipment, led by technology developer Artemis Intelligent Power in collaboration with Danfoss Power Solutions and Robbie Fluid Engineering.

Alasdair Robertson, marketing director at Danfoss Power Solutions, highlights the inefficiency of conventional hydraulic systems, which waste up to 70% of input energy as heat, hindering the widespread electrification of off-highway machines. The DDisplace concept introduces a radial configuration on its DDP096 Digital Displacement pump, offering significant energy savings compared to traditional axial pumps.

Robertson emphasizes the potential for innovative approach to save 10-20% of input energy and develop more advanced system architectures, leveraging the capabilities of the DD pump.

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