Machinery Lubrication’s article, ‘Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Hydraulic Pipe Size,’ sheds light on a common issue in hydraulic systems: modifications that overlook the impact on hydraulic lines. The article understands that such oversights can lead to increased heat and turbulence, causing system damage and fluid degradation. As the article explains, when a system’s flow is increased, it’s crucial to verify that the existing pipe size can handle the new demands to maintain system integrity.

The article recognizes that while laminar flow in straight lines may not pose a significant problem, the real challenge arises at the bends where turbulent flow can generate heat. This can be easily identified with thermal imaging to detect hot spots, a diagnostic method for maintaining system health.

Furthermore, it pays close attention to the schedule of the pipe, which affects turbulence and must be chosen based on system pressure. The article advocates for using the appropriate schedule of pipe to ensure that the walls are thick enough to handle the force without compromising the system’s efficiency or safety.

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