A Midwest-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM) designs and builds waste-receptacle dumpers that attach to garbage trucks, recycling vehicles, and other waste-handling equipment. The lifter is attaches to the front or side of a vehicle or onto the dumpster of a front-load refuse truck. After an operator positions a receptacle cart onto the dumper, the latter then lifts and tilts the cart, spilling its contents into the vehicle. When the dumping cycle is complete, the lifter returns to a stowed position.

Advantages of using carts and cart lifters include reduced worker compensation claims, faster route times, and larger routes, since workers don’t tire as quickly. The carts also improve street sanitation, reducing health risks by helping prevent animals from disturbing waste left outside overnight.

The helical rotary actuator (painted black) provides 220 deg. of rotation, completely emptying carts.

The heart of the lifter mechanism is a helical hydraulic rotary actuator—a TorqBear Series Model T20-14E, manufactured by Parker Helac, Enumclaw, Wash. The 220 deg. of rotation produces a sharp and aggressive dumping angle that completely empties the contents of the cart. The actuator’s mounting feet with through drilled holes facilitate attachment to the lifter mounting plate: The feet are not flush with the actuator housing but, instead, are situated on the sides of the housing. This contributes to the compact nature of the mechanism by enabling the actuator to be positioned partially below the surface of the mounting plate. The through-shaft has extensions at both ends with straight spines that facilitate the easy attachment of the lifting arms—adapters with matching splines to which the arms are welded.

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