Some weeks ago, I had the pleasure to see a Kaiser S12 machine in operations. It’s an extreme versatile machine, normally used to climb the Alps for different kind of jobs. I visited one of the few machines that are currently operating in Sweden, doing clearing work. A Kaiser S12 that contractor Ekströms Skogsservice uses to clear brushes and small trees in power lines. On flat land!

Under a high voltage power line, I met Niklas Jonsson who runs the contracting company (together with Johan Persson) and Jonny Svensson who’s operating the machine. They showed me how the Kaiser S12 machine works and it’s a pretty cool and capable machine to watch. In the video (below) you can see how it can adapt to terrain and obstacles.

Before we go into the details of the Kaiser machine, it’s a good idea to tell a bit more about Ekström’s forest service: It is a company that specializes in clearing power lines in both wide (tree-secured) and narrower power lines. The company is located in Eksjö in south Sweden and they have about 30 employees. Except for clearing power lines the company also do silviculture and forest services such as forest clearing and some arborist missions.

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