A SELF-propelled sprayer designed for the horticulture market has been released by Ballarat manufacturer Goldacres.
The new G4V is a lightweight sprayer with four-wheel steer, four-wheel drive and narrow tracks.

“The sprayer needed to be most efficient spraying at lower speed ranges with higher capacity hydraulics to operate a large spray pump for high flow rates,” said Goldacres’ Stephen Richards.

“The design team came up with a unique hydromechanical hydraulic drive system to form the basis of the ultimate horticultural self-propelled sprayer.”

While the G4V might look similar to its G3 and G4 stablemates, its drive design is different, with a unique hydraulic and mechanical driveline.

It uses a single high-capacity variable-displacement hydraulic pump combined with a hydraulic motor coupled to a full mechanical transfer case, differentials and drop axles.

“This provides smooth, infinite speed control with the added benefit of simplicity, reliability and unmatched power to the ground,” Mr Richards said.

The G4V has the 165hp QSB 4.5-litre Cummins engine powering the drive and hydraulics system, which uses a Danfoss transmission with a two-speed transfer case to feed the mechanical drive to the wheels.

“This unique hydromechanical drive system sets the G4V apart from the broadacre G3 and G4 models with their full mechanical drive systems,” Mr Richards said.

The sprayer also has inboard hydraulic brakes and a limited slip diff front and rear to keep wheel power balanced.

The unit features constant four-wheel drive with computer assisted four-wheel steering for a turning radius of just 2.9m.

Inside the cabin, the ISObus control brings all the systems together into a single display, which shows sprayer functions such as a pump speed readout, ultrasonic boom levelling plus sprayer steering and task control applications.

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