What are the types of hydraulic hose couplings and how they work

Hydraulic hose connector are connecting components between hydraulic hoses and hydraulic hoses, or between hoses and hydraulic components. Do you know how many types of hydraulic hose connector and how they work?

A “Dextreme” test for excavator hydraulic systems

Testing at quarry and washing facility

What you need to know about hydraulic fittings

Every machine user and maintainer will experience a burst or leaking oil line, so have a call for a professional service person to drive to the job site, press a new one on site next to the excavator and put the new one right on, and you'll have a quick fix! This does work! But it's expensive!

Komatsu to exhibit 20-ton-class Proterra-Powered electric hydraulic excavator at bauma 2022

Komatsu will exhibit a 20-ton-class electric hydraulic excavator equipped with a lithium-ion battery system for the first time at bauma2022. The machine is powered by a 451 kWh lithium-ion battery system from US-based Proterra. Since January 2021, the two companies have been jointly developing electric medium-sized hydraulic excavators, and have been conducting PoC (Proof of Concept) tests on advance research machines at customers' construction sites.

What are the different types of hydraulic hose fittings

What is hydraulic hose fittings? Hydraulic pipe Tube Adapters: connect different hydraulic components (pumps, delivery lines, reversing valves, shut-off valves, hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, and some auxiliary components, such as level gauges, thermometers, pressure gauges, etc.) to form A closed circuit hydraulic system. It is an accessory that serves as a connection.

Better Living Through Cleanliness — Healthy Hydraulics Systems Key to Life of Heavy Equipment

When it comes to heavy equipment, reliable hydraulic system performance is critical to productivity and profitability. A proper understanding of the hydraulic fluid, and its role in the efficient performance of the hydraulic systems of equipment used in off-highway, construction and utility work is the basis of optimizing the contractor's maintenance dollar, say hydraulics experts.

Hydraulic Hose Market To Be Driven by the Increasing Demand From The End Use Industries In the Forecast Period Of 2023-2028

The major factors that propel the hydraulic hose market include the growing demand for hydraulic hose in various industries such as mining, agriculture, and growing construction activities across the globe. The hydraulic hoses provide various benefits to these industries such as cost-effectiveness, being better able to absorb shock and vibration, easier to route and install, dampening pressure surges and others.

Handling Hydraulic Hoses Requires Extra Caution in Winter

Extreme cold temperatures throughout the winter months can cause challenges to hydraulic hose lines in tractors and machinery.

CONEXPO 2023: Construction Equipment Launches

CONEXPO-CON/AGG, co-located with the International Fluid Power Exposition (IFPE), provides an opportunity to see the latest construction equipment designs. For the 2023 show, several OEMs have announced a wide array of machines they plan to bring to the construction market.

Prepare for the Future of Backhoe-loader Technologies

As jobsites continue to become smaller and smaller, and advancements in hydraulic and engine systems occur at an exceedingly fast pace, operators are demanding compact, powerful machines that enable them to complete their tasks as accurately, consistently and quickly as possible.


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