Malone Specialty: Avoiding System Damage Through Correct Hydraulic Pipe Sizing

Machinery Lubrication's article, 'Why You Shouldn't Overlook Hydraulic Pipe Size,' sheds light on a common issue in hydraulic systems: modifications that overlook the impact on hydraulic lines. The article understands that such oversights can lead to increased heat and turbulence, causing system damage and fluid degradation. As the article explains, when a system's flow is increased, it's crucial to verify that the existing pipe size can handle the new demands to maintain system integrity.

Malone Specialty: Emphasizes the Importance of Clean Hydraulics for Equipment Longevity

Construction Equipment Guide's feature, 'Better Living Through Cleanliness: Healthy Hydraulic Systems Key to the Life of Heavy Equipment,' highlights the pivotal role of hydraulic system maintenance in the longevity and efficiency of heavy machinery. It concurs with industry experts like Ivan Lavy, emphasizing that cleanliness in hydraulics is often the linchpin of machinery reliability. Lavy, a specialist in equipment repair and maintenance, asserts that contamination is the primary cause of hydraulic system failure.

Malone Specialty: Elevates Demolition Efficiency with Cat 352 Straight Boom Excavator recently unveiled the Cat 352 Straight Boom Excavator, a game-changer designed by Caterpillar for high-reach demolition up to five stories, bridge deconstruction, and industrial infrastructure dismantling. It recognizes the significance of this innovation, particularly its stick-boom configuration that offers a superior vertical reach of 12.85 meters (42 feet 2 inches), which is 36% greater than the standard 352 model. This capability, along with the ability to handle attachments weighing up to 6,000 kilograms (13,228 pounds), positions the 352 Straight Boom as a versatile tool for both demolition and excavation tasks.

Malone Specialty: Optimize Quarry Operations with the Right Hydraulic Breaker

Pit & Quarry's recent article, "Simplifying Hydraulic Breaker Selection for Your Operation," underscores the importance of choosing the right hydraulic breaker for quarry operations. It echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that the correct selection is crucial not only for operational efficiency but also for safety and equipment longevity. After quarry blasts, breakers play a pivotal role in reducing rock sizes for transportation and processing, and they are adaptable to both mobile carriers and stationary systems.

Malone Specialty: Ensuring Safety and Efficiency in Hydraulic Thread Matching

As emphasized by Machine Design in their informative article, 'How to Identify Threads on Hydraulic Fittings,' using the correct thread for hydraulic fittings is not merely a matter of proper assembly; it's a crucial safety concern. Ensuring that fittings and adapters are not only capable of maintaining pressure and providing reliable seals but are also safe for operators, equipment, and the environment. This meticulous attention to detail significantly reduces the risk of costly maintenance and environmental cleanup.

Malone Specialty: Enhance System Efficiency with Fluid Power Systems.

As highlighted by For Construction Pros in their piece "5 Important Considerations for Sourcing Fluid Power Projects," sourcing a new hydraulic or pneumatic system is a critical decision influenced by factors such as the need for increased production, outdated components, or new equipment requirements. 

Malone Specialty: Safeguarding Your Systems Approach to Hydraulic Leak Prevention

As highlighted in the article "Dangers of Hydraulic Leaks: How to Detect, Fix, and Overcome Them," hydraulics are integral to many systems, making it crucial to address any issues promptly.

Malone Specialty: Particle Contamination in Hydraulic Fluids  A Silent Threat to Construction Equipment 

As highlighted in the article "What's the Risks of Particle Contamination in Construction Equipment Hydraulic Fluids?", the smooth operation of large hydraulic-powered shovels, a cornerstone of mining operations, relies heavily on the integrity of their hydraulic systems. However, in the rugged world of mining, where dirt and debris fill the air, maintaining hydraulic fluid purity is a daunting challenge.

Malone Specialty: Mastering the Art of Fluid Conduits Guide to Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hoses

As highlighted by Chart Attack's recent publication, "Hydraulic Hose vs. Pneumatic Hose: Differences and Uses," hoses are the unsung heroes of industrial and mechanical processes, facilitating the movement of fluids and gases in various applications. In this journey, we'll delve into the world of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, dissecting their essence, construction, and applications, while emphasizing the distinctions between them to assist you in selecting the ideal conduit for your specific needs.

Malone Specialty: Navigating Tomorrow’s Fluid Power Insight into Hydraulic Hose Trends

Fluid power systems form the lifeblood of various industries, energizing a diverse array of machinery and equipment. Within these systems, hydraulic hoses quietly assume the role of unsung heroes, facilitating the seamless conveyance of fluids.


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