A new Caterpillar compact wheel loader with increased lifting capacity, speed and work tool capability was demonstrated at the company’s year-end press briefing.

“When we talk to our customers, what do they want to do with these products? Well, of course they want to move more material with a given size product, they want to do more with a single machine, and ultimately make more money,” said Joel Grimes, Cat Building Construction Product wheel loader marketing and sales support manager.

“The 903D is well suited to compete for business in a variety of applications – landscaping, snow removal, agriculture, general construction.”

Available with either an open or enclosed cab, the 903D operator’s station features a refined ergonomic design with a new multi-function joystick that provides fingertip control of the standard third-function hydraulic system.

Whether lifting light material into a hopper or loading heavy pallets onto a truck, the choice of standard-lift or high-lift boom arms increase the 903D’s ability to work efficiently in a wide range of applications, with buckets ranging in capacity from 0.8 to 1.3 cubic yards, forks, or a selection of powered and non-powered work tools.

“This little guy can take up 5,400 pounds. What’s a pallet of wet sod weight, what’s a pallet of seed weigh, what’s a big bag weigh? Somewhere in the 3,000 pound range which means this machine can now very comfortably move palletized material,” Grimes said.

“We’ve kept this product under 10,000 pounds in weight, but we boosted its payload by 25 percent (compared to its 903C2 predecessor). We’ve pulled its front axle forward about six inches which means the weight that’s already in the machine is more efficiently being used to move that payload.”

The 903D also features a standard auxiliary (third-function) hydraulic system that delivers a flow of up to 14 gallons per minute at pressures to 3,481 pounds per square inch, producing ample hydraulic horsepower to operate any number of hydraulic work tools such as brooms, power box rakes and grapple buckets.

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