Bobcat has added two new rotary cutters and three redesigned mulchers to its lineup of land-clearing attachments.

The newly redesigned line of drum mulcher attachments are built with a high-strength, steel-body construction for increased durability. There are three models available in 50-, 61-, and 72-inch cutting widths, and they’re compatible for use with Bobcat’s 700 and 800 Series compact track and skid-steer loaders.

“We have taken our line of loader forestry cutters and completely redesigned them to meet the demands of the growing land management industry,” says Travis Kidder, a senior product specialist at Bobcat. “Along with overall increased durability and uptime, we improved the hydraulic system to operate more efficiently, meaning cooler operating temperatures and improved performance.”

Each loader drum mulcher has heavy-duty carbide teeth that can rip through hard and soft wood up to 8 inches in diameter. When mulching through heavy growth, rear debris chains obstruct debris being thrown toward the back of the attachment.

The reinforced push bar and optional low-profile front gate provide better visibility to the drum and cutting teeth. Redesigned hydraulic block and drive components, and replaceable bolt-on skid shoes have been included for increased convenience and uptime.

The two-speed hydraulic motors provide increased drum torque and quicker speed recovery. Drum breaks can bring the drum rotation to a stop within 20 seconds of deactivating auxiliary hydraulics. The hose clamps and sling protect hydraulic hoses from kinking, contact wear, and entanglement.

A hydraulic pressure gauge on the 50- and 61-inch models helps operators monitor the drum speeds. Also available on those models are optional depth control rings to limit engagement of the cutting teeth for more consistent mulch.

All loader drum mulchers must have the forestry applications kit installed on their loader in order to operate. This includes protection like poly-carbonate windows and door, Level 2 FOPS, fire extinguisher, and several more pieces that help prepare the machine for the harsh conditions seen in forestry mulching.