Enhancing Hydraulic System Performance with Malone Specialty’s Metric Tubing

Here at Malone Specialty Inc., we are dedicated to providing top-tier hydraulic components that enhance system performance and reliability. Our Metric Tubing is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, available in both plastic and metal to accommodate a variety of industrial applications.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Applications Our Metric Tubing range includes options suitable for air brake systems, hydraulic lines, and other fluid transfer applications, available in Rigid Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, and various plastic materials. Each material is chosen for its specific properties, such as strength, flexibility, or corrosion resistance, ensuring that every tubing option offers optimal performance in its intended environment.

Advantages of Choosing Malone Specialty Tubing

  1. Customization: With tubing sizes from 1mm OD to 140mm OD and a variety of material options, we can tailor solutions to meet the precise needs of any hydraulic system.
  2. Quality and Compliance: All our tubing products meet stringent industry standards and are designed for durability and long-term performance, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.
  3. Expert Support: Our team of experts is always ready to provide technical assistance, helping you select the right tubing for your application and ensuring its correct installation and maintenance.

At Malone Specialty Inc., we are more than just a supplier; we are a partner in your success. To learn more about how our Metric Tubing can benefit your hydraulic systems, please click here or reach out to our support team for personalized service.

Malone Specialty: Power, Performance, Precision in Hitachi’s New Excavators

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas introduces the ZX130-7 and ZX160LC-7 full-size excavators, designed to excel in various tasks on construction sites, a development celebrated by commitment to innovation and performance.

Patrick Baker, Product Manager for medium and large excavators at Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc., emphasizes the multitude of enhancements incorporated into the new excavators, including comfort improvements, hydraulic system refinements, and serviceability enhancements, all aimed at maximizing productivity, performance, operator comfort, and fuel efficiency.

The ZX130-7 boasts a maximum dig depth of 6.03 meters and a bucket breakout force of 23,380 pounds, powered by a 100 hp Isuzu engine. Meanwhile, the ZX160LC-7, with an operating weight of 17,900 kg, offers a maximum dig depth of 6.49 meters and a bucket breakout force of 25,179 pounds, driven by a 132 hp Yanmar engine featuring economy, power, and high-power modes to match varying working conditions.

Both excavators feature the Hitachi HIOS IV hydraulic system, enhancing fuel efficiency while ensuring responsive control of boom, arm, and bucket movements. The adjustable attachment, arm, and swing priority further optimize machine performance.

The inclusion of a 20 cm LCD, anti-glare monitor with an attachment pre-set system enhances operator convenience, allowing for pre-set flow rates and pressures for up to 16 attachments.

Explore Malone Specialty’s comprehensive range of hydraulic solutions here.

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Enhance Your Hydraulics with Malone Specialty’s Banjo Fittings and Bolts

Welcome to Malone Specialty Inc., where we specialize in delivering exceptional hydraulic components, including our renowned Banjo Fittings and Bolts. These fittings are essential for any hydraulic system requiring reliable and leak-free connections. Crafted with precision from either Carbon Steel or 316 Stainless Steel, our Banjo Fittings ensure resilience and reliability across all applications.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Performance Our range of Banjo Fittings is tailored to offer the best in hydraulic connectivity. With options like Adjustable Banjo Adapters to Metric threads and Throttle-Free Banjo Adapters, each fitting is designed for easy installation and long-term performance. The unique O-Ring configurations enhance sealing, significantly reducing potential leaks and maintenance needs.

Why Choose Malone Specialty’s Banjo Fittings?

  1. Customizability: Our extensive selection includes configurations suitable for nearly any installation, ensuring you have the right fit every time.
  2. Quality Materials: Built to withstand harsh conditions, our fittings guarantee durability and safety, minimizing downtime.
  3. Expert Support: With decades of experience, our team is here to assist with selection and provide technical support, ensuring you get the most out of our products.

Our commitment at Malone Specialty is to ensure that you have access to the best hydraulic components in the market. Our Banjo Fittings and Bolts are a testament to our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. To learn more about how our products can improve your hydraulic systems, click here or contact us directly for personalized assistance.

Malone Specialty: Optimizes Precision with Case M Series Dozer Enhancements

As highlighted by Equipment Journal in their article “Case revamps its M Series dozers with an operator-first design,” Case Construction Equipment has upgraded its M Series dozers to prioritize comfort, precision, and operability, alongside strengthening the electrical and hydraulic systems.

The enhancements encompass the 68-hp, 7,441-kg 650M; the 92-hp, 9,380-kg 750M; and the 112-hp, 10,547-kg 850M models. Jeremy Dulak, Product Manager, North America at Case Construction Equipment, emphasized the operator-centric approach of the upgrades, particularly evident in the 750M and 850M models with their new electro-hydraulic controls. These controls reduce operator fatigue by requiring less effort, offering customizable steering and shuttle settings, thus enhancing productivity.

Moreover, Case Universal Machine Control is available, enabling integration with precision construction technology from major suppliers. Factory-fit solutions from Leica Geosystems further streamline the setup process.

Explore Malone Specialty’s comprehensive range of hydraulic solutions here.

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The Versatility of Malone Specialty’s Metric Tubing in Hydraulic Systems

At Malone Specialty Inc., we recognize the crucial role that tubing plays in the efficiency and reliability of hydraulic systems. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of Metric Tubing in both plastic and metal materials, ensuring that our customers have access to the highest quality products for their specific needs. Whether you are setting up a new system or upgrading an existing one, our Metric Tubing is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern hydraulic applications.

Wide Range of Materials and Sizes Our Metric Tubing is available in various materials, including Rigid Carbon Steel, Rigid Stainless Steel, Soft and Rigid Copper, and plastics such as Polyurethane, Polyethylene, and Nylon. This diversity allows our customers to choose the perfect tubing based on environmental conditions, pressure requirements, and fluid compatibility. Sizes range from a slender 1mm OD up to a robust 140mm OD, catering to virtually any system configuration.

Benefits of Malone Specialty Metric Tubing

  1. Durability and Resistance: Our metal tubing options provide outstanding durability and are designed to withstand high pressures and corrosive environments. Similarly, our plastic tubing is notable for its lightweight nature and excellent resistance to chemical wear.
  2. Flexibility and Ease of Use: The plastic tubing options, like Polyurethane and Nylon, offer incredible flexibility, making them ideal for spaces where rigid tubing cannot be used. This flexibility also simplifies the installation process.
  3. Comprehensive Stocking and Availability: We ensure that popular sizes and materials are consistently in stock, reducing wait times for our customers and facilitating quicker project completions.

For detailed information on our Metric Tubing options or to discuss your specific hydraulic needs, please visit our website or contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives at 440-255-4200.

Malone Specialty Unveils Innovative CAT 315 Model, Redefining Excavator Standards

Cat’s latest innovation, the all-new 315 Excavator, heralds a significant leap in performance and productivity. With upgrades to hydraulics, engine, cab, and swing drive, the Cat 315 surpasses its predecessor, the 315F L, in every aspect. Cat proudly claims it as the most productive excavator in the 15-metric-ton size class, setting a new standard for performance.

We’re excited to be part of this advancement, recognizing the machine’s potential to expedite project completion and enhance operational efficiency. The 315 fills the gap between compact and midsize excavators, offering versatility and power tailored to various job requirements.

The incorporation of standard technology and comfort improvements further underscores Cat’s dedication to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. We commend Cat for pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering a game-changing excavator to the market.

Explore Malone Specialty’s comprehensive range of hydraulic solutions here.

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Revolutionizing Hydraulic Systems with Malone Specialty Banjo Fittings and Bolts

At Malone Specialty Inc., we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of hydraulic system solutions, including our top-quality Banjo Fittings and Bolts. Our products, crafted from durable Carbon Steel and 316 Stainless Steel, are designed to meet diverse hydraulic needs in a variety of sizes and configurations. Whether you’re dealing with automotive applications, industrial machinery, or agricultural equipment, our Banjo Fittings and Bolts are engineered to provide superior performance and reliability.

Versatile and Robust Configurations Our Banjo Fittings come in various configurations to cater to a wide array of applications. From Banjo to Male JIC Adapters to Adjustable Banjo Fittings to BSPP with or without O-Rings, each product is designed for full passage and throttle-free operation, ensuring maximum efficiency. Additionally, our offerings include Single and Double Banjo Bolts in Metric or British sizes, as well as Banjo Hose Barbs and Banjo Tee Adapters available in both Metric and British sizes. For those who require custom solutions, we also provide Braze on Metric and BSPP Banjos.

Advantages of Malone Specialty Banjo Fittings and Bolts

  1. Flexibility: Our Banjo Fittings are available in adjustable and fixed configurations, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, simplifying assembly and maintenance processes.
  2. Durability: Made from high-quality materials, our fittings resist corrosion and wear, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  3. Efficiency: The design of our Banjo Fittings allows for full fluid passage without throttling, providing optimal hydraulic flow and reducing the risk of leaks.

By choosing Malone Specialty for your hydraulic fitting needs, you’re not just buying a product; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to providing solutions that enhance the performance and efficiency of your hydraulic systems. Explore our range of Banjo Fittings and Bolts and experience the Malone Specialty difference. For more details, click here or call our experienced sales team at 440-255-4200.

Malone Specialty: Driving Efficiency Forward in Revolutionizing Hydraulic Systems for Commercial Vehicles

In an effort to enhance the efficiency of heavy commercial vehicles, we collaborate on redesigning hydraulic systems to address the prevalent issue of energy wastage during lifting, carrying, and digging operations.

The DDisplace project, supported by a £10.9m grant from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), aims to modernize hydraulic equipment, led by technology developer Artemis Intelligent Power in collaboration with Danfoss Power Solutions and Robbie Fluid Engineering.

Alasdair Robertson, marketing director at Danfoss Power Solutions, highlights the inefficiency of conventional hydraulic systems, which waste up to 70% of input energy as heat, hindering the widespread electrification of off-highway machines. The DDisplace concept introduces a radial configuration on its DDP096 Digital Displacement pump, offering significant energy savings compared to traditional axial pumps.

Robertson emphasizes the potential for innovative approach to save 10-20% of input energy and develop more advanced system architectures, leveraging the capabilities of the DD pump.

Explore Malone Specialty’s comprehensive range of hydraulic solutions here.

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Malone Specialty: Advancing Infrastructure Spotlights Stone Construction’s Role in Birmingham Air Cargo Facility

As reported by Construction Equipment Guide in their article “Stone Construction Leads BHM Air Cargo Project in Birmingham, Alabama,” the development of a $28 million air cargo facility at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM) in Alabama is nearing completion. This facility, spanning approximately 53,000 square feet, is specifically designed to cater to weekly international cargo flights from Stuttgart, Germany.

Kim Hunt, Vice President of Communications at the Birmingham Airport Authority (BAA), highlighted the increasing demand for cargo operations in central Alabama, prompting the need for a dedicated air cargo facility. The project, fully funded by BAA, aims to leverage existing infrastructure while meeting the growing demands of logistics companies seeking to operate out of secondary airports.

Stone Building Company, serving as the general contractor for the project, was selected through a competitive bidding process, emphasizing their local presence and economic impact on the community. Despite encountering challenges such as unforeseen utility issues, the project is progressing according to plan, thanks to collaboration between contractors, operators, and airport management.

Hunt emphasized Birmingham’s strategic location with access to major highways and infrastructure capable of accommodating additional cargo traffic efficiently. The partnership with global logistics leader Kuehne+Nagel (K+N) further enhances BHM’s position as a key cargo hub in the region.

Recognizing Stone Construction’s leadership in driving the BHM Air Cargo Project forward, the enhancement of Alabama’s infrastructure and economic growth is contributed to.

Explore Malone Specialty’s comprehensive range of hydraulic solutions here.

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Malone Specialty: Enhancing Demolition Efficiency Highlights Komatsu’s PC490HRD-11 Excavator Debut

As reported by Construction Equipment Guide in their article “Komatsu Debuts PC490HRD-11 Excavator at Demolition San Antonio,” the PC490HRD-11 excavator, showcased at the event, represents a highly versatile machine designed to adapt to changing work demands, facilitating higher efficiency at demolition job sites.

Engineered with innovation, the PC490HRD-11 features Komatsu’s in-house boom change system, equipped with oversized quick connectors for hydraulic lines to minimize back pressure and oil heating while maintaining unrestricted oil flow. Additionally, hydraulically powered pins within the main boom structure reduce the risk of equipment damage during reconfiguration.

The machine’s hydraulically expandable undercarriage enables easy transportation with narrowed tracks and expanded configuration for efficient working. Moreover, the tilting demolition cab enhances operator visibility and control, ensuring optimal positioning with joystick operation.

Offering six different working arrangements, including a boom extension for higher reach or extended digging, the PC490HRD-11 exemplifies versatility and productivity in demolition operations.

In addition to the PC490HRD-11, Komatsu introduces a special demolition specification of the PC360LC-11 excavator in North America, further expanding their innovative solutions for the market.

Proud to present Komatsu’s latest advancements in demolition technology, the debut of the PC490HRD-11 excavator at Demolition San Antonio is showcased.

Explore Malone Specialty’s comprehensive range of hydraulic solutions here.

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