Two new Volvo ECR50D’s for John Reeve Plant Hire Ltd

John Reeve Plant Hire Ltd of Eastry near Sandwich, Kent has broken a long standing tradition by purchasing its first new Volvo compact excavators in the guise of two five tonne ECR50D’s.

Needing to replace a couple of ageing machines in their fleet of some 25 excavators, Director Chris Reeve evaluated the marketplace. “To be honest, Volvo wasn’t on our immediate radar but when we contacted Glosrose Construction Equipment and appraised the ECR50D we were very impressed with the build quality, the exceptional space in the cab and the way the pipework was neatly arranged on the machine,” he said. “The performance didn’t disappoint either. The machine has a very good reach besides good digging and grading performance,” he continues.

Featuring a premium 31.2 kW Volvo D2.6A engine and an advanced hydraulic system, the ECR50D provides fast and powerful response with smooth operation. The maximum break out force is 36.12 kN while the maximum tear out force is 25.93 kN, ensuring excellent performance even in tough applications. The ECR50D’s enhanced boom and attachment geometry provides a maximum digging reach of 6.29 m, a generous dig depth of 3.8m and a load over height of just over 4m. “The machine is exceptionally well balanced and is ideal for working on confined sites,” continues Chris Reeve. “One of our customers who has a machine out on long term hire is even managing to load 20 tonne trucks with spoil and overburden in just 12 minutes.”

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Churchill launches world’s first hydraulic pipe recovery tool – HyPR

ABERDEEN, United Kingdom — Churchill Drilling Tools has launched the HyPR (Hydraulic Pipe Recovery) system for the rapid and cost-effective recovery of stuck pipe.

Stuck pipe situations cost operators hundreds of millions of dollars a year in wait times. The HyPR tool, developed by the Houston and Aberdeen-located company, can cut that cost significantly by enabling operators to get back on track much more quickly.

HyPR, the world’s first hydraulic pipe recovery tool, was premiered at the Deepwater Operations Exhibition in Galveston in November 2014. It was developed following extensive collaboration between Churchill Drilling Tools, deepwater and Gulf of Mexico drilling teams since 2013.

When drilling challenging wells, stuck pipe situations can be a costly interruption, incurring mobilization wait times and uncertain recovery attempts and delays.

The HyPR tool offers the simplest method to recover the drill pipe rapidly and to begin side-tracking right away. It also delivers a clean cut for operators wanting to maximize BHA recovery options.

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OilQuick celebrates a solid Bond

It hardly seems like seven years since the very first OilQuick unit in the UK supplied by ECY Haulmark back in 2008 was installed onto a Komatsu PC240 in Caerphilly, South Wales. ECY Haulmark recently revisited Bond Demolition to catch up with that very first OQ70/55 unit after being reinstalled onto a brand new Komatsu PC240, currently working on a contract demolishing an old cinema to make way for a new car park in the old coal mining town of Abertillery, South Wales.

Having just recently taken delivery of the new machine from Komatsu and a VTN MD290 selector grab attachment from ECY Haulmark, operator John Evans was more than delighted to show us how the original OilQuick unit had been reinstalled on to the new machine and was still working as good as new after all these years.

Bond Demolitions Site Manager Dean Williams explained “We are proud to be the first company in the UK to convert our machines to OilQuick, it was the best decision and just completely changed the way we tackled our demolition projects. The OilQuick is completely transferable when you choose to replace machines and this original unit on John’s machine is showing no sign of wear and tear, I firmly believe it will just last and last if looked after and maintained correctly”

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Hydraulic control systems help test giant wind turbines

Testing wind power turbines doesn’t just require megawatts of drivetrain power, it requires sophisticated hydraulic control systems and high performance actuators to simulate blade loads. Today’s wind turbines are rated at 4 megawatts with new wind farm projects being proposed using 6 megawatt and larger units. New wind turbines exceed the capacity of any known testing capability. While these larger turbines are being built on the premise that they will perform more effectively than smaller systems, the history of the industry so far has shown that many turbine components are subjected to severe conditions. At this enormous scale, there is little experience to guide the design process, making the creation of testing facilities a critical issue.

Anticipating this trend, the Department of Energy circulated requests for proposal to create a test facility to support testing at 7.5 and 15 megawatts. In 2009, Clemson University Restoration Institute, bid and won the project based on a sophisticated concept designed by RENK Test System.

Comparing Power

The power of horizontal wind turbines is difficult to grasp. For comparison, think about a small car at 100 horsepower or 75 kW. A small school bus might be 450 HP or 336 kW. The biggest locomotive engines currently operating are approximately 3 MW. Testing at 7.5 and 15 MW might seem like a stretch, but working with an engineering team that has done many programs at 3-4 MW is what made RENK Test System the ideal partner for Clemson to team with.

RENK Test System of Augsburg, Germany is a supplier of high power, custom engineered test systems. The company specializes in complex testing of critical equipment like tank transmissions, locomotive engines, and helicopter drive trains. Each test system is engineered to deal with the unique operating conditions required for the article under test.

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Take a look at Cat’s 6020B hydraulic shovel

Caterpillar unveiled its new 6020B hydraulic shovel before customers and the press at its Tinaja Hills proving grounds in November. With a 24-ton payload, the 247-ton unit is well matched with the Cat 777G haul trucks.

“Today is a day I’ve waited for for a very long time,” says Klaus Ukens, product manager, Cat Hydraulic Mining Shovels, adding that the unit boasts class-leading visibility that improves safe operations while allowing for ease of operation and maintenance.

Development on the clean sheet design began in 2010 under Bucyrus and went through two transitions as that product line was acquired first by Terex, then by Caterpillar.

“When we reviewed all of the customer comments, they were looking for three things: safety, simplicity and reliability,” says Anita Russwurm, new product introduction manager for the 6020B. “That’s what we designed and what can be seen throughout the machine.”

As they set out to design a unit in a new class size, Frank Tegtmeier, technical lead for the 6020B, says the team began with virtual prototyping in order to design components. Next, came finite element analysis to ensure the unit met design targets. Finally, test programs were used to ensure the shovel met its design goals.

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Overhung load adaptors protect shaft seals in hydraulic systems

Zero-Max Overhung Load Adaptors protect shaft seals in hydraulic systems. They provide an intermediate mounting platform between a motor and pump to absorb both internal and external stress conditions in a hydraulic system.

Designed to provide an extra layer of protection to hydraulic actuated functions, Overhung Load Adaptors prevent shaft seal breakdown, a condition often unseen until system damage occurs. Replacing damaged shaft seals is laborious and costly because multiple hydraulic components usually must be disconnected to get at the seal failure. Now, these conditions can be eliminated using Overhung Load Adaptors for protection.
Designed for either face or foot mounting, standard Overhung Load Adaptors are available in over 50 models with input bore sizes that range from 5/8 to 3-1/2 in. SAE mounts available include A, B, C, D, E and F mounts with 2 or 4 bolt mounting flanges. Overhung Load Adaptors are available with many shaft variations including splined, threaded, tapered and extended output shafts, all now available with the
special Zero-Max corrosion protection process. Special input bores and housing modifications are also available.

The corrosion protection shaft option is another addition to more than 1300 designs offered by Zero-Max to meet new and unusual overhung load system requirements. These specials include custom inverted bearing designs and multiple lubrication ports that increase the Overhung Load Adaptor’s load capacity, bearing life and smooth system performance. Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards, Zero-Max Overhung Load Adaptors are ruggedly built with shafts precision machined from high quality 130,000 psi Stress-proof steel. All custom Overhung Load Adaptor designs include a detailed CAD approval drawing submitted prior to manufacture.

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5 hydraulic equipment mistakes you might be making

When dealing with hydraulic equipment, there are many intricate pieces that impact the effectiveness of these machines. There are many components of hydraulic equipment, and it is important that they all run smoothly. Here are five mistakes you may be making and how to correct them.

1. Changing the Oil
2. Overheating the System
3. Changing the Filters
4. Not Properly Priming and Lubricating
5. Lack of Education in Hydraulics

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Electro-Hydraulic, Self-Contained and with Fail-Safe Function the Voith SelCon Linear Actuator

It combines the advantages of hydraulic and electromechanical solutions. The hydraulics provides high force density and dynamics, the electromechanical side contributes simple, cost-effective system integration. Large effective forces up to 500 kN and ATEX certification allow it to be used on turbines under virtually all conceivable ambient conditions. Voith will present the SelCon actuator in live operation to visitors at the HANOVER MESSE trade fair in hall 23, booth B41 from April 13 17.

The hydraulic system of the SelCon is self-contained. An external hydraulic power pack with oil tank, control block and pipework is completely unnecessary. This reduces procurement costs by up to 35% compared to a conventional solution. In addition, the system has a considerably higher operational reliability. External hydraulic disturbances such as pressure fluctuations, mismatched pipe diameters or negative pressure in the tank line are out of the question.

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Greener Fracking Tech Reduces Injection of Lots of Wasteful Fluid

Current hydraulic fracturing methods are energy-intensive due to the need to pump, on average, 4 million gallons of water per reservoir, at very high pressures and flow rates deep into the ground. This water also contains additives including biocides, corrosion inhibitors and friction reducers.

The fluid, developed by Carlos Fernandez of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and coworkers, expands by up to 2.5 times its original volume in response to carbon dioxide. It is made from poly(allylamine) and could reduce the volume of water required for fracking, as well as being non-toxic, a biocide, and a corrosion inhibitor, circumventing the addition of extra chemicals.

On stimulation with carbon dioxide, Fernandez’s fluid transitions from an aqueous solution to a hydrogel, exerting pressure and stress in the rock as it swells, which initiates fractures. This reduces the requirement for external pressure, and since the transition is reversible via carbon dioxide depressurisation or addition of acid, the fluid can be removed from the rock and recycled, further limiting its environmental impact.

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Atlas Copco adds 5 small-range breaker models to EC lineup

Atlas Copco has added five new models to its lineup of Essential Case-Mounted hydraulic breakers. The small range breakers are designed to fit carriers weighting between one and 12 tons, and are suitable for small-scale construction and demolition applications.

The EC 40 T, EC 50 T, EC 60 T, EC 70 T and EC 80 T have box-style mounting systems that eliminated the need to remove external fasteners to access components such as wear bushing and seals for maintenance.

Atlas Copco says the expedited turnaround times for maintenance boosts usage rates, making the EC breaker attachments useful for rental applications.

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