Easy touch faucets to height adjustable lifts: 5 products that allow kitchens to be fit for all.

Universal design, liveability and even sustainability are some of the phrases that get thrown around when designers think about catering for an aging population, but combined with ideals for disabled and multigenerational living (ageing in place), they all point towards the same ‘magna carta’: accessible design that works for every member of society .

This focus on liveability, while traditionally most focused on key areas such as bathrooms, has made itself known in recent kitchen design trends. While mandatory standards AS 1428.1, AS 1428.2 and AS 4299 dictate how to achieve an accessible kitchen for most of the population, here we explore five products and systems that help make kitchens an easier place to navigate and use for all.

Flow Rates for Off-line Filtration

“Many of the available side-stream (portable) filter systems have low flow rates, and I am concerned that it might not be circulating enough oil to get ahead of the contaminant level. What is considered to be a good target flow rate for side-stream filtration?”
There is no single answer for this question. Filter system selection must follow a thorough analysis of the system constraints and a clear definition of the task objectives. There are a handful of questions to ask about the targeted systems before selecting elements and hardware.

Best Methods for Draining Oil from Hydraulic Equipment

“When changing out hydraulic oil in mobile hydraulic equipment such as an excavator, what is the best way or process to remove all or as much oil as possible? Are there any published processes for this?”
With any oil change-out, the goal is to remove as much of the old fluid as possible. There are some steps you can take to maximize the amount of oil coming out of the system.
One thing you can do is to ensure all of the hydraulic cylinders are in the closed position. When they are closed, little oil is left in the components. The same is true for any other expansion component located within the hydraulic circuit.

Reshoring has helped to fuel rebound in U.S. manufacturing

Manufacturing in America has not reached pre-recession levels yet. Slowly but surely, however, it is turning around.
According to the Alliance for American Manufacturing, the U.S. has added about 786,000 manufacturing jobs since losing about 2.3 million in the last recession. And while reshoring has not made a widespread impact on that figure, it is doing its part to help.

Metric system’s growth challenges U.S. firms .

As companies in the U.S.—the only industrialized nation not on the metric system—often must deal with both English and metric systems. That is especially true in the hydraulics industry, where with consolidation and globalization, it often means that suppliers of hose, tubing, ports and connectors either must offer components in both measurements or offer some sort of adaptor connection system.
“What we have in the U.S. is this mixing and matching of metric and English measurements. There’s been a lot of work done in the U.S. to accommodate both types of systems, but the U.S. really hasn’t gone over cold turkey to the metric system yet, and to be quite honest with you, I can’t see it happening in the near future.”
In the rubber and plastics industry specific to hose and tubing, the problem is that manufacturers use multiple types of connections, depending on where they are located. With consolidation, some foreign equipment makers are putting transplant operations into the U.S. but using the same design from their headquarters country, resulting in more metrics on equipment being produced domestically.

Clean Solutions for Hydraulic Oil Technology Needs

Hydraulic equipment owners and operators expect superior performance from their investment. When it comes to their business, they are looking for the three “E”s: economy, efficiency and environment. As regulatory requirements increase and equipment design changes, hydraulic oil technology must continue to evolve to keep pace.
Developing the right additive technology to meet the industry’s changing needs requires additive suppliers to take into account all the variables – from the expectations for modern equipment and fluids to the possible results of poor oil performance. By obtaining an accurate picture of the hydraulic equipment landscape, additive formulators can deliver the right solutions.

Growing Infrastructure Needs in Developing Countries Spurs Demand for Pipes & Pipe/Hose Fittings, According to a New Report.

Pipes are of critical economic importance as they form the structural foundation of water, fuel and gas distribution infrastructure. Pipes and tubes also find use in other numerous applications that involve movement of fluid within a closed loop, such as, in hot water heating systems, and air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The global market for pipes is therefore influenced by economic dynamics of residential/non-residential construction, agricultural spending, highway spending, natural gas exploration, and consumer goods manufacture.

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