The compact wheel loader is a popular machine in a range of industries from waste handling to landscaping. And in agriculture, these versatile tool carriers are a common sight on many operations. Caterpillar is raising the stakes with three new compact models bringing a lot of new features.

“This is the biggest change to these machines in 15 years,” says Eli Abi-karam, product application specialist, Caterpillar.

Abi-karam presented the machine in a virtual event along with Jas Kundra, compact wheel loader sales and marketing manager. Abi-karam notes that there are three key areas where the new machines have received upgrades. He explains that the new machines now feature the full-size wheel loader cab on these compact machines; there are more features and options for the powertrain; and the hydraulics and machine structure have been modified to improve working capacity.

There are three new models – the 906, 907 and 908. The company will retain the original 903 in this part of the line, but the three new machines replace their predecessors.

Kundra climbed into the cab to show new features. The machines do maintain that two-door design, making it easy to clean the cab. The front wind screen is now a single piece of glass allowing 60% better wiper coverage.

“And you can make adjustments to upper and lower attachment kickout right from the cab,” Kundra says. He adds that there is cylinder snubbing to provide the operator added protection. The in-cab programmable kickouts have high-definition rotary sensors mounted to loader arms to provide better protection from unwanted shock and vibration. Proper kickout operation can save up to 20% of bucket cutting edge life.

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