Link-Belt Cranes designed the new 120 US-ton base rated, 120|HT hydraulic truck crane — loaded with features and a new look to match. The new hydraulic truck crane’s production models are set to begin shipment in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Ride quality
The four-axle 120|HT features a new, wider single occupant cab that reflects design elements of the 175|AT all-terrain crane. The 120|HT also comes with an all-new air ride suspension design, the first-of-its-kind for truck crane buyers. Its suspension and braking system is a result of a two-year collaborative design process with suspension manufacturer Hendrickson International. Air disc brakes, another first for the hydraulic truck crane market, will improve brake performance and reduce maintenance time.

Counterweight payload increases from 16,000 pounds on the HTC-86110 to 20,500 pounds on the new 120|HT without a boom dolly. Full counterweight for the 120|HT is 49,100 pounds. Increased counterweight payload is a result of a strategic design approach to reduce the 120|HT’s gross vehicle weight coupled with an increased rating on the front steering axles to 26,000 pounds each.

Fuel efficiency has increased with the introduction of Cummins X12 single overhead cam engine that is EPA 2021 compliant. Top speed on the 120|HT is 62 miles per hour. Link-Belt has improved upon access for daily service checks like fill points, filters and grease points.

The 120|RT delivers outstanding reach with a six-section 38.3 – 164.1 feet pin and latch formed boom, built to Link-Belt’s specific boom profile and tolerances. An available two-piece on-board off-settable fly provides greater flexibility and range, and manually offsets at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees. Two 16 feet lattice insert extensions provide a maximum tip height of 261.7 feet.

Features like Link-Belt SmartFly, Link-Belt’s patented one-person fly erection technology, and a wireless rigging remote to control your outriggers, outrigger beams and jacks, boom hoist, and winches make setup quicker and easier with increased efficiency.

The new operator cab features wide-entry access and egress, USB and 12-volt power supply, and increased storage with interior lighting. The view from the seat is uninhibited in all kinds of weather with large sweeping wipers in the front and top, and strategically-placed vents for fast-acting defrost.

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