Teagle’s 75 year history has predominately been made up of equipment for livestock farms, and its latest development is set to be the firm’s most sophisticated machine to date.

Sales director, Tom Teagle, says: “Livestock farmers are becoming ever more technical and discerning when it comes to feeding their animals, and while our current range of Tomahawk dual-chop bedders and mills provide the ability to bed loose-pens and chop straw for feeding, they are not suited to accurately processing large volumes of straw for inclusion in total mixed rations (TMR).”

Aiming to fill this gap, Teagle’s latest Tomahawk C12 Calibrator has been driven by demand from the UK, Germany, France and Eastern Europe, for a high-output machine which can consistently process straw bales to short chop lengths.

Teagle’s UK sales manager, Jim Squires, says: “While other machines are available, either they do not feature a sieve-like system as fitted on our machine or they are produced in North-America, and require costly adaptions to be homologated for our roads.”

Mr Squires adds many farmers use mixer wagons to process straw, which takes a long time to chop most of the straw, does not provide consistency in chop lengths and can cause excessive wear to the mixer’s knives and tub.

Following four years of development by a team of 15 engineers, the latest prototype Tomahawk C12 machines have undergone 18 months of on-farm testing.

Throughout this time, Teagle says it has worked with Three Counties Feeds nutritionist Andy Hawken, to ensure the machine is providing value to the end-user.

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