Quality Plated Plastics, based in Birmingham, has added to its moulding facility with Intelicare material drying and loading equipment, mould heaters and a process water cooling system.

The contract plating specialist has invested over £2m in new premises in Great Barr, Birmingham, with a plating plant, five Negri Bossi injection moulding machines from 55 – 500 tonne and Intelicare ancillaries. The investment has increased the capacity for QPP to more than 60,000 parts per day and increases the size of mouldings that can be moulded in house. They are now able to offer a complete package from tool design to finished product.

The Intelicare system includes a cooling system, with 100kW cooling capacity dry cooler with twin pumps providing cooling water to the mould shop for hydraulic cooling. It has a closed loop system to replace the conventional cooling tower, preventing process water contacting ambient air, eliminating the risk of Legionnaire’s Disease or the need for a constant fresh supply of fresh water and chemical costs.

The system also has dehumidifier dryers, with a honeycomb wheel dehumidifier dryer for drying efficiency; hopper loaders, for optimum throughput with stainless steel receivers and latest generation controllers, and mould heaters, providing a no fuss, low maintenance unit for heating and cooling water for conditioning moulds.

John Timmins, QPP owner, said: “The Intelicare equipment has contributed to improved efficiency and quality from the plant, aswell as lower energy costs, which ensure that QPP remains competitive and provides the opportunity to retain existing business and break into new markets. Intelicare provided us with first class equipment and continue to support us with an impressive after sales service.”

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