Hydraulic Tubes

MALONE SPECIALTY INC. is a leading provider of metric fittings and metric adapters.

For over thirty years, we have supplied metric, British, and foreign threaded fluid connecting products for industrial, construction and transportation applications in North America.

Malone Specialty Inc. was founded in 1982. Its mission was to supply custom fluid connecting devices in metric threads. The first customer of the company was Mack Trucks Inc., who had just started selling the Mid-Liner series and wanted a domestic source for the metric fluid connectors as spare parts. This relationship quickly grew as Malone Specialty started to design and produce replacement lines and other components.

Over the years the company has developed two divisions – Industrial Products and Transportation Products. The Industrial Products division sells custom metric fittings and special tube fittings, custom hose couplings, and adapters, to industrial distributors and dealers across the country. The Transportation Divisions designs and produces a variety of spare parts and accessory installation kits for the major manufacturers of mid-range trucks in the US.

 Over the years the company has increased its engineering capabilities and broadened its product offerings to satisfy its truck and OEM customers. The company is a family owned and operated corporation located in modern facilities in Mentor Ohio. It has grown considerably in the last decade and looks forward to continued growth based on its quality policy “Innovative Excellence in Customer Satisfaction”.