Commercial Vehicle Management and Reporting Center for Isuzu N and GM W Series Trucks



Malone Specialty Inc. has been an OEM supplier to Isuzu for over 16 years and supplies dealers with an innovative and patented, on-demand engine protection system that may already be on your truck. This system monitors and controls vehicle and engine activity, and is a proven technology currently being utilized by thousands of vehicles. We are proud to announce that engine Idle Limiting has been added to this system. Fleets using this feature have achieved up to a 20% reduction in fuel usage and the system works automatically without any driver input or control making it ideal for delivery and work truck applications. Click on the fuel savings tab below to calculate your savings estimate. The average payback period is just 4 months and with our new lease/purchase plan the system can be paid for out of the monthly fuel savings. Click on the leasing table tab below for details. A retro kit is also available for trucks that already have the standard EPS system on it. Ready to start saving up to 20% on your monthly bill! Click on the appropriate button below for more details.


  • Monitors engine oil pressure, temperature, coolant level. The system is able to shut down the engine should a fault occur.
  • Monitors idle time and shuts the engine down if the time exceeds a preset limit. Can be programmed for cold morning start up and normal idle time.
  • PTO operation and extreme outside temperatures can be programmed to disable idle limiting.
  • Monitors battery voltage and alarms if the voltage drops below a preset point. If the engine is not running it can trigger an optional latching relay to shut of all electrical items connected to the relay.
  • Alarms if the headlights are left on with the engine off.
  • Faults are recorded in system memory.
  • Can monitor box temperature for perishable cargo.
  • Includes remote engine shutdown and GPS capability.


  • Reduces engine failures.
  • Saves fuel cost by idle limiting.
  • Saves jump starts by protecting the battery.
  • Provides valuable management information on the vehicle and driver performance.
  • Reduces overall wear and tear on the vehicle; increasing longevity and maintenance savings.