Diesel Fuel Tank Installation Options:

Same Side Balance Line Installation:

The easiest and most cost effective way to add an additional tank to your vehicle is with a "balance line" system. This system simply mounts an identical "slave" tank next to the OEM "master" tank with a hose connection between the two tanks. The master tank supplies the fuel to the fuel pump and accepts the return from the engine. The Master tank provides the sender and sender signal for fuel gauge operation. No sender is required on the slave tank. Liquid seeks it's own level and this law of physics ensures that both tanks are equal at all time. To accomplish this system both tanks must have either end cap or bottom flanges for mechanical hose connection. Care must be taken to protect the hose between the two tanks to avoid damage to the hose. All Malone Specialty diesel fuel tanks provide a center bottom weld flange for use with fittings to make this balance line connection. Make sure your OEM tank provides this fitting flange plate before ordering.

Balance Line System:

Notice bracket attached to K-Brackets to support and protect the hose connection between both tanks. Malone Specialty can provide you with a complete turn-key system including Tanks, Brackets, Straps, Hose, Hose fittings, support brackets and all mounting hardware.

An extremely simple and reliable system to extend the miles between fuel stops.

Transfer Pump Installation:

Does your vehicle have an inframe rear tank or a side tank without the room to mount another tank next to it? If so then the Fuel Transfer Pump system may be the answer.

Operating Features:

Transfers fuel from auxiliary to main tank whenever level in main tank is 1" below auxiliary tank. Pump stops when the level in main tank is 1" above auxiliary.

Supply and return to/from engine use main tank only, unchanged from OEM design.

Fuel gauge reads main tank, unchanged from original design - gauge is actually reading SUM of two tanks.

Transfer rate is 20 gallons per hour, pressure is 10PSI max., and current draw is 2.3amps.

Simple installation, one line from auxiliary to main tank. Tank, brackets, straps, aux. tank sender, system module, pump, wiring harnesses and all mounting hardware included.

Transfer Pump System Safety Features:

Pump will not operate when:

Engine is NOT running.

Level in main tank is 2" from full.

Fuel senders are not in "range".

Fuel senders do not move within 5 minutes of pump start.

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